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Randall Balestriero "A spline theory of deep networks''

Jonathan Bitton "Multi-scale analysis of the evolution of surface turbulent heat fluxes using continuous wavelet transform"

Pierre Chainais "Spectrogramme de polarisation pour les signaux bivariés"

Romain Cosantino "Learnable Time-Frequency representation: from coorbit theory to machine learning"

Véronique Delouille "Non-parametric PSF estimation from celestial transit solar images using blind deconvolution"

Yassine Esmili "Wavelet-type expansion of the generalized Rosenblatt process and its rate of convergence"

Marie Farge "Wavelets in Burgers land''

Fangchen Feng "Reconstruction of the gravitational wave polarisation in the time-frequency domain"

Alexandre Guillet "Physiological signal from a wavelet transform viewpoint"

Abdelouahab Kenoufi "Ondelettes (min,+) pour l’analyse fractale et multifractale"

Ana Marina Kreme "Inpainting de phase dans le plan temps-fréquence"

Roberto Leonarduzzi "Wavelet scattering and phase-harmonic models for financial time series"

Adrien Meynard "Séparation de sources doublement non stationnaire"

Matthieu Mezarche "Testing for high frequency features in a noisy signal"

Samy Mokhtari "Transformée en ondelettes continue, homogénéisation, et fermeture entre échelles : application à l’interaction fluide-structure en milieu périodique"

Felipe Negreira "Regularity of Besov functions on spaces of homegeneous type''

Stefano Polizzi "How to detect ruptures in cells by means of CWT"

Abhishake Rastogi "Convergence analysis of Tikhonov regularization for non-linear statistical inverse learning problems"

Jean-François Robitaille "Exposing the plural nature of molecular clouds"

Pascal Saihac "Processing of electromagnetic data in geophysics using the continuous wavelet transform"

Khanh-Hung Tran ''Semi-supervised dictionnary learning with graph regularized and active points"

Nicolas Vacca "Transformée en ondelettes de l'exponentielle complexe, signaux modulés"

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